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-(bug)Gmail notification mutes the radio
-sound through the loudspeaker (if possible)
-channel naming

FM Radio v0.6:
-Scrolling radiotext
-RDS works with the RDS kernel modifications
FMRadio 0.6
FMRadio 0.6 source

FM Radio v0.5:
-radio mutes while incoming\outcoming call
-Frquency tuner bar only tunes the selected frequency when you release the bar
-new arrow VolumeControl
-seek button icons changed(thx to mentalray)
-Frequency picker dialog fixed
FMRadio 0.5

FM Radio v0.4:
-Based on MIUI
-VolumeControl added
-Automatic Seek buttons added (button icons needed, if somebody wants to help me (you can find me on MoDaCo))
-Regional band default is Europe
-Some unneeded permission removed
FMRadio 0.4

FM Radio v0.3:
-Totaly new code based on miui, but modified to work on ZTE
FMRadio 0.3

FM Radio v0.2:
-Bottom Button has English translation (for Frankish :) )
FMRadio 0.2

FM Radio v0.1:
-lehet csatornat valtani
-elvileg nem all le 5 mp utan
-full hangeron indul es ugy is marad (nincs meg benne hangeroszabalyozas)
-nem lehet csatornat menteni
FMRadio 0.1

WARNING: If you don't know what is below this line, please don't use it

RDS test version of v0.5
You have to update the kernel with mine 2.2 kernel
This is an update zip, which you can install with clockwork recovery
After this you have to install the rdstest version of the v0.5
Use next channel and prev channel buttons to test if you have RDS. Very slow not for everyday use!!!

Second RDS test version of v0.5 (v0.5.2)
The install method is just like the previous one, but use theese files:
-It is faster than the previous version. Actualy, the tune and seek is faster than any previous version
-More stable RDS StationInfo (handles dynamic StationInfo)
-The loudspeaker button operates as RDS enable/disable button

RDS test version of v0.5 (v0.5.3)
This version is using the same kernel than the v0.5.2
- RadioText decoded.
- "turn on/off button" -> volume to 0 bug fixed

If you have question you can find me on the MoDaCo forum.
by andorko